Community JLG NOW Submissions

Before filling out the form below, please read through our Community E-Blast Guidelines:

• The purpose of the community section of the JLG NOW is to inform the JLG membership of events, news or activities in the community. 
• Community section JLG NOW submissions will only be accepted from non-profit (501(c)3) corporations and governmental entities. 
• The following types of information will not be published: information from religious or educational institutions; information for a specific political party or anything that might be considered partisan. 
• Each community entry should include a short phrase to catch people’s attention along with your submission of 300 characters or less. 
• The JLG NOW entry should be submitted via the website, only. No logos or graphics will be included; no attachments will be included. 
• Each submission can run two (2) consecutive times. 
• Submissions will not be accepted more than 4 weeks prior to the desired date for inclusion in the JLG NOW. 
• JLG reserves the right to edit any submission prior to running; these policies can be changed at any time by the JLG Board of Directors; JLG reserves the right to deny inclusion of any material in its Community JLG NOW.

The JLG NOW is sent out on Wednesdays at least once a month throughout the year. 

If you do not receive a response from JLG within one week of submission, please re-submit or contact JLG Headquarters. Thank you!